Club By-laws





Approved on April 1, 2012 by the Members

Amended on April 14, 2013 by the Members



This organization shall be known as ALLEGAN COUNTY SNOWMOBILE CLUB, INC. located at   1697 36th Street, Allegan, MI 49010.


Article II – MISSION

The mission of the Allegan County Snowmobile Club (referred to as the “Club” in this document) is to promote and educate the public concerning the sport of safe snowmobiling.  Using our members, clubhouse facilities, grooming operations and affiliation with the State of Michigan and Michigan Snowmobile Association, we strive to promote all aspects of the sport and to educate our members and other enthusiasts to practice safe snowmobiling.  We encourage all members to ride in a friendly and safe manner.



Section 1 – Tax Exempt Status

The Allegan County Snowmobile Club is organized under IRS Section 501(c) (7) as a social membership organization and is tax exempt under that Section.  Donations to the Club are not qualified as tax deductible.  This Club is organized for the purpose of having a group for education, recreation, pleasure and other similar nonprofit purposes as specified by Code Sec. 501(c)(7) including but not limited to the acquiring of property, both personal and real, which would enable the Club to further carry out its Mission Statement.



Section 1 – Membership

Membership in the Club shall be open to all persons interested in the development and promotion of the proper use of snowmobiles and other snow vehicles for the purpose of enjoyment and recreation.  There are three classes of memberships: individual memberships, family memberships and commercial memberships. An individual membership shall have one (1) Primary Member, a family membership shall have two (2) Primary Members and a commercial membership shall have one (1) Primary Member.  A Primary Member must be 18 years of age or older.


Section 2 – Lifetime Members

A club member may become a lifetime member after twenty-five (25) years of continuous membership in good standing.  Lifetime members will then be considered Primary Members in good standing.


Section 3 – Voting

Only Primary Members in good standing may vote in Club elections and on other Club matters and must be present in order to vote, except as otherwise specifically provided.  There shall be no absentee ballots or proxy votes for any election or for any other vote of any nature unless otherwise specifically permitted. Voting may occur remotely if a member is electronically connected to said meeting using meeting specific software, unless a written ballot is required.   Primary Members in good standing are those whose fees have been paid at least one (1) week prior to the Annual Meeting or prior to the Meeting at which the member wishes to vote.


Section 4 – Meetings

The Club will hold a general meeting(s) of the membership as determined by the Board of Directors from October – April of each year.   The Annual Meeting of the Club shall be held in April each year, on a date determined by the Board of Directors.  Special meetings of the Club may be held at the call of the President, at the call of a majority of either the Officers of the Club or of the Board of Directors of the Club.


Section 5 – Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order will be used as a procedural guide.  These By-Laws take precedence over Robert’s Rules of Order when there is a written exception.